Gift of India to the world.

SPLASH, the brand for domestic furnishing, was started in 2004. A logical progression from the Soft Toy making expertise, the foray into furnishings was backed by years of experience in the handling of fabrics of different varieties and treating and processing them at various levels. It was hardly surprising then that the brand received immediate and emphatic response from the market. The entire range of curtains, sheet sets, duvet covers, comforters, throws, rugs, bolsters, pillows, cushions, sleeping bags and bean bags has come in response to demand from the market. The material, print and fabrication quality is of the highest international standards and the designs and prices incredibly attractive for all social segments. In very short time. HTTL has managed to export 90% of its production of Home furnishings to all major markets including. USA, Europe & Latin America.


Every kid’s first love, all over the world.

The children’s furnishing division is another successful venture of HTTL the varied textures, innovative shapes and designs have ensured that the range finds a ready market across all ages in all sections of the society. The attractive floral, celestial, cartoon and animal motifs make the kid’s furnishing range both unique and immensely popular. The pioneering venture of shaped cushions and pillows in India has created a whole new market for children’s furnishing. HTTL’s incorporation of customers’ ideas in their design development has made a tremendous impact on their customer relationship and brought the company closer them. Internationally the company enjoys a healthy market and is one of the leading manufacturers of shaped pillows, neck rolls and backrests with a wide variety of bedrolls, bedspreads, curtains, cushions, pillows, throws and rugs embellished with interesting themes. HTTL has one of the most comprehensive ranges in this segment of furnishings.