Corporate Social Responsibility

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CSR Policy

At HTTL, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the way to conduct business that achieves a balance or integration of economic, environmental and social imperatives while at the same time addressing stakeholder expectations. Under its CSR policy, the company affirms its commitment of seamless integration of marketplace, workplace, and environment and community concerns with business operations. Hanung uses CSR as an integral business process in order to support sustainable development and constantly endeavors to be a good corporate citizen and enhance its performance on the triple bottom line.



CSR Mission

download Whilst being committed to excellence and total customer satisfaction through team work, ceaseless innovation and timely delivery of quality products of international standards, we recognize our responsibilities towards social and environmental dimensions of our business and thus aim to visibly play a leading role within our spheres of influence.

We will strive to be a leader while continuing our business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We affirm our commitment to contribute to nation building measures through improving quality of life of our workforce, their families and the communities of the area we exist and beyond.



Our Policy

Our company is strongly committed to share the responsibility towards prevention of Pollution, environment protection and minimizing impact of its operations on the environment.

The organization is also committed to comply with legal and other requirements, and target its focus on continual improvement of its environmental protection.

The organization shall recreate awareness amongst its employees and associates regarding prevention of pollution, protection of environment and minimization of waste of natural resources.