Our Strength


Our strength comes from the integration of various factors:

• Economies of scale– With two fully operational processing units in two different cities, we have the capacity to cater to businesses of all volumes.

• Vertical integration- across the value chain enables better control on quality and delivery.

• Global Presence– Our products are sold in over 32 countries enabling greater product insight.

• Product innovation- With state-of-the-art machinery, we are better equipped to execute innovative ideas based on customer inputs and requirements.

• Design & Development– By creating our own designs and translating customers’ ideas into products, we have more than five thousand designs available for display.

• Strategic location– All our units are strategically located after thorough research of various sites, giving us a large number of benefits to enhance the business.

• Stringent Quality Check– With the adaptation of American Four-Point Grading System, our factories ensure strict quality control that in turn leads to customer satisfaction.